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I’m still getting calendar invites from a former employer that hasn’t talked to me since May.

*inspects cuticles*

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This was the closest thing I had to a plan for moving to Los Angeles:

  1. Be good at video production
  2. E-mail people
  3. ???
  4. Profit

I’m between the first and second question marks.

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I felt brave one night in my Freshman year of college, so I went to a frat party for the first time. Jello shots were being passed around and a big crowd of people were dancing to whatever dance music was popular in 1993.

The women who were dancing started a chant to go along with the music. It went like this:

Ohhhh! Oh-ohhhh! Pussy is in the house!

(The accent was on the “y” in pussy, somehow.)

It was repeated maybe 8 times when it was drowned out by a chant from the men:

Ohhhh! Oh-ohhhh! My dick is in your mouth!

And then I walked back to my dorm and never attended another frat party.

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I just finished editing a video for my favorite famous YouTuber. Now I’m setting up a bunch of little time lapse cameras. Tonight I’m a guest on a movie talk podcast.

My unpaid gigs is blowin’ upppppp

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From me:

Bureau of Sanitation Service Request

Black Container: (X)  Size: 60 Gallon (Reg)   Quantity: 1   Reason: Damage
Serial No. R9B0704034781   Damage on:  lid body
Green Container: (X)  Size: 60 Gallon (Reg)   Quantity: 1   Reason: Damage
Serial No. R9G0106276664   Damage on:  lid body

Blue Container: (X)  Size: 60 Gallon (Reg)   Quantity: 1   Reason: Damage
Serial No. R9R0705235761   Damage on:  lid body

From them:

Thank you for using our website. We have received your request for repairs on a 90 gallon black containers. My records show that you should have only have a 60 gallon black container. Please note there is a monthly charge of $5 a month and a 6-month minimum obligation foreach additional 30 gallons. Before I can place the repair request please let us know if you would like to proceed with this request and start charging you as of today or if you want us to collect the 90 gallon container and replace it with the 60 gallon.

From me:

I thought I checked the box for the 60 gallon bin. Did I check the wrong box?

From them:

The serial number R9B0704034781 is indicating that this is a 90 gallon black container. Do you want to exchange into a standard size 60 gallon or would you like to keep your 90 gallon? If so, please provide your 10 digit DWP account number.

From me:

Interesting. We have one black, one blue and one green and they are all the same size (and all cracked in different places). 

Possibly the serial number for our current black container was registered incorrectly as 90 gallons?

From them:

Correct, we can change your 90 gallon black into a 60 gallon. That is the standard size. So do you want to keep your 90 gallon or do you want us to change into 60 gallon? If you want to keep your 90 gallon then please provide your DWP account number.

From me:

Let’s change it to a 60 gallon. Thanks.

I don’t argue with the system anymore.

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Why Do I Get Paid Through Patreon?

I could elaborate on this for many pages, but I almost always try to be concise. Here’s a syllogism:

  • Making silly jokey videos requires time and effort, which expends calories.
  • Calories need to be restored with food and rest, which aren’t free.
  • Therefore, I need an income to make silly jokey videos.

I could have any sort of income and scrape by making the same silly jokey videos I make now, but I want them to be better. Sound, lighting, locations, frequency, writing and time spent in production could all be improved.

At the same time:

Most people want / expect certain kinds of entertainment to be free. I’m one of those people. I will probably always be creating something and publishing it online for free. That’s just how I think.

I could publish free things and put ads on them. If I did that, I’d have to choose between not having much control over the content of the ads, and/or being forced to change my content based on what the advertisers want. I don’t mind when other people go that route, but it’s not right for me.

Plus, they’re distracting.


This isn’t very logical, but I think businesses should always have just one revenue stream. Cable TV is gross because customers are charged for access, but also there are commercials everywhere. I refused to play Everquest because they charged you for the software and made you pay monthly. Pick one.

Less offensively, podcasts I love will include advertisements and also accept donations. Like before, that is okay for other people, but not for me.


I like the “Bonus Stuff Model”. On my Patreon stream, I’m offering extra entertainment to people who want to pay me for making jokes. The “main stuff” gets to remain free, and ad-free, plus I’m encouraged to make more, and I get to reward the people who are rewarding me.

So, if you can afford it, please think about throwing a dollar or two my way when I release a new jokey video, and dig into the goodie bag!

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Going to my first Hollywood wrap party tonight.

I just needed to write that down somewhere.