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RollerCop w/ David Razowsky

“Big Bernie” is about to retire from the Chicago Police, Rollerblade Division, and talking about his past (priors?) gives Scott a unique perspective on that tawdlin’ town. Featuring David Razowsky – and enjoy his podcast A.D.D. Comedy.

Photo by Ben Tesch

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Mustang Halloween

Good morning, Friendswood High! Listen up, ’cause your principal and head coach have some new rules for the upcoming Halloween dance. Featuring Scott Lowe, who is starring in a new sketch comedy show at Second City called Baby Meets Pavement, starting October 26, 2012.

Photo by Bart Everson

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Take a Poll

We talk with Gallup Polling about their private market research arm and go behind the scenes of decisions regarding whipped cream on top of frappucinos and how depraved a man would get for $10,000 (U.S.). Featuring Scott Lowe.

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Le Sexy Wardrobe

We talk with a wardrobe evangelist from France who is full of advice for people who want to dress to impress. For example, it’s time to embrace the three-piece suit for trips to the coffee shop, and don’t forget the hat, but also don’t wear it indoors. Unfortunately, we discover this is just so French people don’t end up surrounded by shlubs when they go on vacation. Featuring Scott Lowe.

Photo by Anton Novoselov

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