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We got access to two heads of Facebook’s new virtual/actual reality department, after they bought they Oculus Rift VR intellectual property. Join Jay in his adventure through the deep dark dungeon, or maybe you’d like to play a beach game, or … shop for pot roast? Featuring Landon Kirksey (@itslandon) and J.J. Wright (@anhonestghost).

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Jay finally gets a chance to interview an agent of the Witness Protection Program, and for added excitement, she’s brought along her newest client. Unfortunately, things get a little… hairy. Featuring Eliza Rose (on Twitter @vajayjayabrams) and Jake Bilbrey (on Twitter @ZicklePop).

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Zoos Cruise w/ Avery Edison

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A former (?) economic assassin details her exploits working for Her Majesty’s Totally Super Secret Service, trying to undermine other national economies. On the lighter side, the cruise director for the annual Zookeepers Convention talks to us about this year’s festivities. Featuring Avery Edison on Twitter @aedison, and Landon Kirksey on Twitter @itslandon.

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Snap it Up

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Nike’s Fuelband has stiff competition from our first guest who built a similar device into a fashionable slap bracelet. Then we talk to a trendy Bel Air-ess who covers the new buzz of home brewing. Featuring Dave Zabielski of Flee The Scene at fleethescenepod.com, and Jen Bokoff of jenbokoff.com.

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