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Celebrity Baby Hospital w/ Vanessa Ragland

Giving birth is fairly straightforward, but in Hollywood there’s always room for upselling. We were lucky to meet a Doctor(ish) who tends to the likes of Beyonce and Madonna, and she tells us about the diamond dust buckets and name-picking devices that until now we’ve only gotten glimpses of in People magazine. Featuring Vanessa Ragland of the Pop My Culture Podcast.

Tiara Photo by Ed Uthman

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2012 Fall Movie Preview

Movie to Watch / Movie to Avoid

· Using details gleaned only from the posters, two cute old men give a preview of upcoming Fall movies “The Trouble With the Curve”, “End of Watch” (which we assume is a sequel to “The Watch”), “House at the End of the Street”, “10 Years”, “Looper” and “Paranormal Activity 4”. Featuring Landon Kirksey.

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East of Sweden

Taking Turns and Breaking Urns

· These twins were supposed to come on the show to promote their book about taking turns, but once Jay found out they were demons, he sort of got sidetracked by questions about the mysteries of the Universe. Featuring special guests Dave and Kasey of Flee the Scene (iTunes link).

Dave is on Twitter. Kasey is on Twitter.

Improv Everywhere Else

· Based on the audience suggestion of “bullhorn” (thanks, Maureen!), Landon and Jay go to an Improv Everywhere event to boo and cheer a string quintet, which lands them in court and then somewhere in Scandinavia. Featuring Landon Kirksey.

Photo by metropilot

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